Proceedings of SKA-JP_WS_2010

Conference Proceedings
We will make a booklet of the workshop proceedings. Each participant will be sent a copy of the proceedings.

Page limits
The page limits for manuscripts are:

  • Oral presentation: 4 pages
  • Poster presentation: 2 pages

Deadlines for manuscripts
The deadline for the manuscripts is 17 Dec, 2010.

Instructions for authors
Manuscripts be prepared in latex.

- Instruction
1. Download "your_name.tex" (and fig_sample.eps).
2. Change the file name to what indicates your name.
Ex; Akiharu_Nakagawa.tex
3. Edit "your_name.tex" and check if you can compile in page limit.

All pages are printed in monochrome.
Please be careful if you use color figures.

Manuscript submission
To submit your manuscript, send all of the individual text (.tex) and additional files(figure, etc.), together with a postcript and/or pdf file for the full paper, by email to
the following address,

In the e-mail, tell us your postal address the booklet be sent.

If you have any questions about the proceedings,
please ask LOC Akiharu Nakagawa.



PDF (1.5MB)
PDF (5.7MB)

Financial Support :
・The Foundation of
Promotion of Astronomy.