Cosmic Magnetism in the Pre-SKA Era


Magnetic fields play crucial roles in astrophysics and cosmology, yet their origin and evolution are largely unknown. The pathfinder and precursor radio interferometers of the Square Kilometre Array Observatory (SKAO) have seen a glimpse of their origin and evolution of magnetic fields by revealing a variety of magnetic-field features in and around stars, the interstellar medium, the Milky Way, galaxies, AGN, galaxy clusters, and even beyond. Single-dish, VLBI, and space-based surveys provide complementary observations of not only persistent radio sources but also fast and slow radio transients. Meanwhile, more work needs to be done to solve the technical and algorithmic challenges, such as polarization calibration for wide-field imaging, Faraday tomography for wide-band spectro-polarimetry, and maximise the use of the SKA regional centre (SRC) for SKA-scale big data.

Here, we hold a conference to review the current status and future prospects of cosmic magnetism.

The conference topics includes:

Roles of magnetic fields in astrophysics and cosmology, theory, simulation, and modeling,
Continuum, polarimetry, and time-domain observations, from on-going and near future surveys, and
Technical development and data reduction/analysis in these research fields.

The conference will be a collection of keynote invited talks and focused contributed talks. Research-progress reports from young scientists are very welcomed. The conference dates are fixed for 27-31 May 2024. If circumstances do not change, the conference will be held on-site and in-person, mainly for the purpose of encouraging interactions among participants (limited online participation options are also being considered). We plan to announce the registration open and important dates as soon as possible once we confirm the venue and the registration system.

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